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High pressure water blasting machine Meijun Ⅰ (dry high pressure blasting + water spray gun)


Dongguan Meijun sand blasting equipment professional production: full-function wet water blasting machine

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High-pressure water blasting machine-Meijun Ⅰ

:虹吸负压水喷砂机,负压水喷砂房,不锈钢水喷砂系列 Type I machine : siphon negative pressure water blasting machine , negative pressure water blasting room , stainless steel water blasting series

:高压水喷砂机,高压水喷砂机房,除锈除漆除氧化层系列清理系列 Type II machine : high-pressure water blasting machine , high-pressure water blasting machine room , rust removal, paint removal and oxide removal series cleaning series

:高压水射流喷砂,钢卷钢板高速清理水喷砂机,除锈除漆除氧化层清理系列 Type III machine : high-pressure water jet sand blasting , steel coil steel plate high-speed cleaning water blasting machine , rust and paint removal and oxide layer cleaning series

, 高压水喷砂机房 ■ High-pressure water blasting machine , high-pressure water blasting machine room

: Ⅰ high pressure water blasting machine :

+ 环保除尘水雾喷砂枪 Dry pressure feed sand blasting machine + environmental protection dust removal water mist blasting gun

: 罐子里是干砂 , 砂管里是干砂 , 只有到枪以后才和水雾混合 , 不影响沙粒磨料的装机速度 , 效率高 . 缺点是喷出去的沙子是湿润的 , Features : The jar is dry sand , and the sand tube is dry sand . It is mixed with water mist only after the gun . It does not affect the installation speed of the sand abrasive and has high efficiency . The disadvantage is that the sprayed sand is wet .

, 所以本机适合户外使用一次性低成本磨料 ( 例如 : 河沙 , 石英砂 , 铜矿砂 ) 喷砂 . After recycling , it can be dried before it can be used in cans , so this machine is suitable for outdoor use with disposable low-cost abrasives ( e.g. river sand , quartz sand , copper ore ) for sand blasting .


, 采用卸压式气动控制模式 , 此机的特点 : The pressure-feeding mobile sand blasting machine of Dongguan Meijun sand blasting equipment adopts pressure-relieving pneumatic control mode . The characteristics of this machine :

, 可独立控制开机 , 关机 , 节省人力 ; 1) One person can operate one machine , which can independently control the startup and shutdown , saving manpower ;

, 联动排气 , 泄压 , 使得喷砂罐停机气压为 0, 开机运作过程压力不超过 6 公斤 , 这样远离喷砂罐的设计压力 , 从而改变了增压的安 2) Pneumatic control , linkage exhaust and pressure relief , make the blasting tank stop air pressure 0, and the pressure during the startup operation does not exceed 6 kg , so it is far away from the design pressure of the blasting tank , which changes the safety of the booster.

, 同时又能保证高压喷砂机的喷砂效果 , 是安全型的压送式高压喷砂机 ; All hidden dangers , while ensuring the blasting effect of the high-pressure blasting machine , it is a safe pressure-feeding high-pressure blasting machine ;

, 这样可以保证罐内残存的气压把磨料继续压入砂管内造成再次开机堵砂 , 同时 , 由于手控开关的应用 , 由操作者 3) Using the technology of instantaneous exhaust during shutdown , this can ensure that the remaining air pressure in the tank continues to press the abrasive into the sand tube and cause sand to be turned on again at the same time.Because of the application of the manual control switch , the operator

, 使得开机和喷砂同时进行 , 有效控制砂管内高压空气和磨料的混合比例 , 减少脉冲现象 , 使得喷砂很顺畅 . The control in the hand makes the start-up and blasting at the same time , effectively controls the mixing ratio of high-pressure air and abrasive in the sand tube , reduces the pulse phenomenon , and makes the blasting very smooth .

, 使得美俊喷砂器材的压送式喷砂机特别适合工程类的长时间喷砂加工 , 加长管道喷砂 (50 /80 /100 ), 由于一个 Due to the above technical characteristics , the pressure-feeding sand blasting machine of Meijun sand blasting equipment is particularly suitable for long-term sand blasting processing in engineering , and the pipe sand blasting is extended (50 m / 80 m / 100 m ).

, 随时开机关机由自己控制 , 既节省人力 , 有可以达到独立控制的方便性和安全性 , 是喷砂工程施工的首选喷砂器械 . A person can operate a machine and control it at any time by turning it on and off.It saves manpower , has the convenience and safety of independent control, and is the first choice for sandblasting engineering construction .

喷砂系统:是一种以压力式移动喷砂机作为主工作系统,雾化的水作为辅助降尘的移动结合体喷砂处理方式,是目前开放式水喷砂, Dongguan Meijun high-pressure water blasting machine type Ⅰ machine blasting system: a pressure-type mobile blasting machine as the main working system, atomized water as a mobile combination of auxiliary dust reduction blasting treatment method, is currently open Water blasting,

The most cost-effective and effective way for environmentally friendly dust-free blasting.

, 船舶制造喷砂 , 桥梁、铁路、集装箱、石油化工设施等钢结构涂装前的表面处理 , 除锈 Widely used in sandblasting and three-dimensional carving of glass, marble and other stone materials, sandblasting in shipbuilding , surface treatment before painting steel structures such as bridges, railways, containers, and petrochemical facilities , and rust removal

Anti-corrosion treatment has the advantages of dust-free and environmental protection, and does not pollute the air.It can be used in any occasion without considering the pollution and interference caused by dust to the surrounding environment.It is an increasingly popular outdoor sandblasting construction mode.

The pressure-feed high-pressure water blasting system is actually composed of two parts:

1) The main sand blasting system: adopts a standard dry pressure mobile sand blasting system.

2) Dedusting system: The tap water supply system using a slight pressure source is processed by a water mist blasting gun and mixed with high-speed sprayed abrasives to achieve the purpose of removing dust.


1: Sandblasting system

: Pressure feed type high pressure water blasting system :

The main blasting system is a pressure type mobile blasting machine. It is a thermal spraying pre-processing machine. It uses compressed air as the power to spray clean and dry abrasive at high speed to the surface of the workpiece to be sprayed to achieve surface cleaning,

For texturing requirements, it can also be used for paint removal, rust removal of welds, and hair blasting for the preparation of texturized glass and other workpieces. The effect is very significant. The cleaning level reaches SA2.5-3.0, and its roughness reaches the process requirements. product

It has a wide range of uses, compact structure, simple maintenance, easy to use, etc. It is a necessary machine for thermal spraying (welding) various anticorrosive layers.

Pressure mobile sand blasting machine with self-exhaust pressure relief

: 安装自动排气阀 , 进气阀安装在进气口最前端 , 停机 0 气压 , 按下开关 , 砂罐开始充气 , 增压 , 喷砂同步开始 . The main indicators of the pressure relief type : install an automatic exhaust valve , the air inlet valve is installed at the forefront of the air inlet , stop at 0 air pressure , press the switch , the sand tank starts to inflate , pressurize , and the sand blasting starts synchronously .

, 在增压的同时喷砂机已经开始喷砂工作了 , 这时罐内的气压永远不可能高于空压机的供气 Because the pressure relief type starts to inflate and pressurize the sand tank after the switch is pressed, the sand blasting machine has started sand blasting while pressurizing. At this time, the air pressure in the tank can never be higher than the supply of the air compressor. gas

(8KG), 而停机后又会迅速把罐内压力排泄掉 , 所以泄压式的喷砂机具有安全可靠的特点 , 完全不用为压力值而担心 , 是很可靠的压送式喷砂 Pressure (8KG), and the pressure in the tank will be quickly discharged after the shutdown , so the pressure-relieving sand blasting machine has the characteristics of safety and reliability, and there is no need to worry about the pressure value , it is a very reliable pressure-feeding sand blasting

. 同时又由于泄压式喷砂机的开机即工作的特点 , 这就要求提供压缩空气的空压机要有较大的流量才能保证喷砂机的开机瞬时气压和后续的 At the same time, due to the characteristics of the pressure-relieving blasting machine when it is turned on , it requires that the air compressor that provides compressed air has a large flow rate to ensure the instantaneous pressure and subsequent follow-up of the blasting machine.

, 对空压机要求较高 . Flow requirements , higher requirements for air compressors .

  特点:每次作业喷砂机自动运作,一人操作,简单方便.每次作业完成,松开气控开关,砂缸自动排气,安全可靠,同时泄压可减少堵砂现象.) ( Features: The sand blasting machine operates automatically for each operation, and is operated by one person, which is simple and convenient. When each operation is completed, the air control switch is released and the sand cylinder is automatically vented, which is safe and reliable, and the pressure relief can reduce sand blocking.

  ( 手动砂阀 ) 组件构成。 The pneumatic remote control system of the pressure-relieving pressure mobile sand blasting machine is composed of an intake valve, an automatic exhaust valve, a control air pipe, a manual control switch and an air-controlled sand control valve ( manual sand valve ) component.

: Work process description :

( 红色 )( 截止阀上 A 口冲出 ) 到达手控开关 , 经另一气管 ( 蓝色 ) 排出至截止阀上进气口 (B ), When working, the handle of the manual control switch is depressed, and the control air flow passes through one air pipe ( red ) (a port of the stop valve is punched out ) to the manual control switch , and is discharged to the air inlet of the stop valve through another air pipe ( blue ). Port B ),

. 同时从 B 口进来的气源经截止阀上排气口 (c ) 冲出至排气阀及 In this way, the inlet valve of the main pipe in the shut-off valve is opened to open the air source channel into the sand cylinder and the cylinder-side air supply pipe . At the same time , the air source coming in from port B is flushed out to the exhaust port through the exhaust port (c ) of the shut-off valve. Air valve and

) 调砂阀,调砂阀打开 - 排气阀关闭,这时砂缸顶部蘑菇头冲起 , 罐内达到密封 , 缸内压力升高,喷砂作业开始。 ( Or ) the sand control valve, the sand control valve is opened -the exhaust valve is closed, at this time the mushroom head on the top of the sand tank is punched up , the tank is sealed , the pressure in the tank is increased, and the sand blasting operation is started.

( 进气阀 ), 自动排气阀 , 气控调砂阀 ( 手动砂阀则常开 ) 这三个阀都必须启动,喷砂缸的气体都会增加和 The characteristics of this model are that each time the three valves, air shutoff valve ( intake valve ), automatic exhaust valve , air-controlled sand control valve ( manual sand valve is always open ) must be activated, Will increase and

Discharge, and each switch has a certain time, so wait until the gas of the blasting cylinder is completely discharged, the operator can lower the spray gun.



  I. System parameters of this model:

1. Main technical parameters and structure of equipment

1) Main technical parameters

:600mm 喷砂效率 :15-35 平方 /H Cylinder block diameter : 600mm sandblasting efficiency : 15-35 square / H

:1300mm 喷砂等级 :SA2.5-3.0 Cylinder height : 1300mm sandblasting grade : SA2.5-3.0

Content     :0.3-0.6 立方 Product : 0.3-0.6 cubic                   : 3 立方 /min Air consumption : 3 m3 / min

: 0.6-0.7Mpa 功率 :35HP Air supply pressure : 0.6-0.7Mpa Power : 35HP

  : 0.6-0.7Mpa 8KG Air source pressure : 0.6-0.7Mpa ( 8KG )   8KG 压力 Must not exceed 8KG pressure

: 35HP 8MM 枪嘴) -50HP 10MM 枪嘴) -75HP(12MM 枪嘴 ) Large tube : 35HP ( 8MM nozzle ) -50HP ( 10MM nozzle ) -75HP (12MM nozzle )

:20HP 以上 Small tube : 20HP or more

8.8KG Design pressure: 8.8KG

1.15MPA 11.5KG Experimental pressure: 1.15MPA ( 11.5KG )

: 故障率低 , 易损件少 , 投资少 , 效率高 , 移动和固定式结结合 , 可定点喷砂房使用 , 亦可户外移动使用 . Features : low failure rate , less wearing parts, less investment , high efficiency , combined with mobile and fixed knots , can be used in fixed-point sandblasting rooms , and can also be used outdoors .













本机优点: 2Local advantages:

1. , 性能优越 , 操作简单 , 方便; Compact structure , superior performance , simple and convenient operation ;

2. , 安全可靠 . The design and production of the cylinder body conforms to the pressure vessel standard , which is safe and reliable .

3. , 易更换 , 成本更底,特别是磨损件和固定件分离,中间加装耐磨件,有效减少更换损耗成本; Standard universal parts are used for easy replacement and lower cost, especially the wear parts are separated from the fixed parts, and wear parts are installed in the middle, which effectively reduces the replacement loss cost;

4. , 采用电动控制或气动控制 , 满足客户不同的需求 , 可单独一人操作 . It can be retrofitted and installed with instantaneous control function at any time.It adopts electric control or pneumatic control to meet the different needs of customers and can be operated by one person .

5. , 喷涂防锈涂料 , 美观实用。 The shell is thickened and painted with anti-rust paint , which is beautiful and practical. .


磨料颗粒要求 : 3 Abrasive particle requirements :

, 经济实惠以石英砂为好,粗河砂亦可; The sand used for blasting and rust removal requires particles that are hard, angular, dry and free of dirt and other impurities; the standard is brown corundum sand , the economical is quartz sand, and coarse river sand is also good

0.5 1.5mm 为宜,筛选前须晒干,存储于棚内、室内,筛孔大 At the same time, consideration should be given to sand transportation conditions, unit price, recycling capacity, and other factors; the sand particle size is preferably 0.5 to 1.5 mm . It must be dried before screening, stored in sheds and indoors, and has large screen holes

40 48 ( 粒径 1.2mm )、细筛 372 476 孔(粒径 0.3mm) The small ones are: coarse sieve 40 to 48 holes ( particle diameter 1.2mm ), fine sieve 372 to 476 holes (particle diameter 0.3mm)

16# 以上的筛网对砂粒进行筛选 , 防止异物落入罐内 , 造成砂阀或喷嘴的堵塞 . When adding sand to the sand tank, a sieve with a size of 16 # or more should be covered on the top of the tank to screen the sand particles to prevent foreign objects from falling into the tank and causing blockage of the sand valve or nozzle .


气源要求 : 4 Air source requirements :

: 0.6-0.7Mpa 8KG 不得超过 8KG 压力 Air supply pressure : 0.6-0.7Mpa ( 8KG ) must not exceed 8KG pressure


: 35HP (使用 8MM 枪嘴) /50HP (使用 10MM 枪嘴) /75HP( 使用 12MM 枪嘴 ) Power comparison : 35HP (using 8MM nozzle) / 50HP (using 10MM nozzle ) / 75HP ( using 12MM nozzle )

The compressed air must be processed by a cooling device and an oil-water separator to ensure that it is dry and free of oil;

; The oil-water separator must be cleaned regularly ;

6.0 × 105 6.5 × 105Pa ,气压变幅为 0.5 × 105 1.0 × 105Pa Generally, the air pressure of the air compressor is 6.0 × 105 to 6.5 × 105Pa , and the air pressure variation range is 0.5 × 105 to 1.0 × 105Pa .

4.5 × 105 5.5 × 105Pa ,不得小于 4.0 × 105Pa Generally, the pressure of the sand bucket is 4.5 × 105 ~ 5.5 × 105Pa , and it must not be less than 4.0 × 105Pa .


0.7MPA, 请停止供气 , 并排走罐内气体 , 检查原因并处理好 . If the pressure of the sand tank exceeds 0.7MPA, stop the gas supply and drain the gas from the tank , check the cause and deal with it .


Second, use
、准备 1. Preparation

使用前 作业保护要求 : Requirements for protection before use of rust removal sand blasting machine :

- 喷砂前对非喷砂部位应遮蔽保护。 Inspection - Before blasting, cover the non-blasting areas with protection.

- 喷砂前喷砂机各种管道和控制阀门是否连接好 , 是否在合适的开关位置 - 调砂阀 (8) 及进气阀 (4) 必须保证在关闭的状态 , 排气阀 (17) 为关闭状态 . Check - whether the various pipes and control valves of the sand blasting machine are connected before the sand blasting , and whether they are in the appropriate switch position ) Is off .

- 喷砂工佩戴的防护工具、安全带(绳)和供氧装置是否安全可靠,以及喷嘴磨损情况(当孔口 Check -whether the protective tools, safety belts (ropes) and oxygen supply equipment worn by the blaster are safe and reliable, and the wear of the nozzle (when the orifice

25% 时宜更换喷嘴)。 The nozzle should be replaced when the diameter increases by 25% ).


Connect each connection and all pipelines according to the figure, and check whether it is firm and sealed.

- 气动控制系统是否正常、手控开关是否正常。 Check whether the pneumatic control system is normal and whether the manual control switch is normal.

- 排气阀是否关闭。 Check -the exhaust valve is closed.


, 且紧固无误 ( 使用专用接头连接固定 , 加铁线牵拉气管 ), 防止脱管 . 1) Connect the sandblaster to the air source with an air hose , and fasten it properly ( use a special joint to connect and fix , and add iron wire to pull the air pipe ) to prevent the pipe from falling out .
)将喷砂管接到磨料阀出口端的快速接头,且锁定 ( 龙抓对接后用螺丝锁定卡孔 ), 防止砂管在使用过程中脱落 , 产生意外危险 . 2 ) Connect the sand blasting pipe to the quick connector of the abrasive valve outlet and lock it ( lock the card hole with a screw after the dragon catch is docked ) to prevent the sand pipe from falling off during use and creating an accidental danger .
)将洁净干燥的磨料装入喷砂机桶内。 3 ) Put the clean and dry abrasive into the barrel of the sand blasting machine. 加砂以砂缸 2/3 内为易 ) (It is easy to add sand within 2/3 of the sand tank )
)起动空压机,使表示压力达到所需的工作压力,空压机置于喷砂机上风口,以防止喷砂清理所造成的粉尘被吸入空压机 . 4 ) Start the air compressor so that the indicated pressure reaches the required working pressure. The air compressor is placed on the air outlet of the sand blasting machine to prevent dust caused by sand blasting from being sucked into the air compressor .

5) Wear protective equipment for sandblasting.

钢结构除锈喷砂机 的操作控制: 2. Operation control of steel structure derusting and sandblasting machine :

4A )关闭 , 同时关闭罐底调砂阀或球阀( 8 ),喷砂工握住喷砂枪准备工作。 1) Close the side air pipe ball valve switch ( 4A ) and close the tank bottom sand regulating valve or ball valve ( 8 ) at the same time . The sand blaster holds the sand blasting gun to prepare for work.
打开空压机气源,打开进气球阀开关 (4) ,进气阀气源接通,缸内开始进气 ; 2) Turn on the air source of the air compressor, turn on the balloon valve switch (4) , the air source of the air inlet valve is turned on, and the air intake in the cylinder begins ;

, 正常压力值在 4-6MPA 范围 , 如果压力表压力过大 , 超过 7MPA, 请停止供气 , 并排走罐内气体 , 检查压力值过大原因 , Please observe the pressure gauge.The normal pressure value is in the range of 4-6MPA . If the pressure of the pressure gauge is too large and exceeds 7MPA, stop the gas supply and drain the gas in the tank . Check the reason for the excessive pressure value .

( 空压机或喷砂机 ) 咨询相关事宜 ; Contact the supplier ( air compressor or sand blasting machine ) for related matters ;

, 缸内加压 , 顶上伞形密封阀自动顶起将进料口封住,喷砂机内压力继续升高 , 喷砂枪即可自动进入准备喷砂 3) After venting, the high-pressure air enters the sand cylinder , and the cylinder is pressurized . The umbrella-shaped sealing valve on the top automatically seals the feeding port.

At this time, the sand blaster should hold the spray gun firmly and be ready to blast at any time.


4A ),喷枪有气出来,再打开砂缸底下砂阀球阀( 8 ),喷砂开始。 4) Open the side air pipe ball valve switch ( 4A ), the air from the spray gun comes out, and then open the sand valve ball valve ( 8 ) under the sand cylinder , and sand blasting starts.


8 )上的手柄,可调节磨料出口流量的大小 ( 水平方向为关闭 , 垂直方 ★ During the blasting operation, adjust the handle on the abrasive valve (the sand valve ball valve 8 under the sand cylinder ) according to the blasting state to adjust the flow rate of the abrasive outlet ( closed horizontally , vertically

) , 磨料的流量不宜过大,在太阳或其它明亮的光源下观察,含有磨料的空气流与纯空气流并无多大差别。 The direction is fully open ) , the flow rate of the abrasive should not be too large. When viewed under the sun or other bright light sources, the air flow containing the abrasive is not much different from the pure air flow.

5) At the end of the operation, the blaster still needs to hold the spray gun tightly, and the other assists the blaster to shut down the machine.


(4)--- 关闭砂缸底下砂阀球阀( 8 ---- 关闭侧面气管球阀开关( 4A ★ Close the air inlet valve switch (4) --- close the sand valve under the sand cylinder ball valve ( 8 ) ---- close the side air pipe ball valve switch ( 4A )


★ At this time, the blasting gun will automatically stop the blasting operation slowly. The blaster needs to wait for the remaining sand and air in the sand pipe to be exhausted before lowering the blasting gun to ensure safety.


, 砂缸内仍有高压气体,短时停顿可以继续 1 -4 )步骤进行喷砂。 ★ After all the processes are completed , there is still high-pressure gas in the sand cylinder, and a short pause can continue with steps 1 ) -4 ) for sandblasting. If you need to stop, you need to manually open the exhaust on the top side of the sand tank

17 ),把缸内气体排泄完成。 The ball valve ( 17 ) is used to exhaust the gas in the cylinder.


: 喷砂时喷枪到基体钢材表面距离以 100 300mm 为宜, Sand blasting distance : The distance between the spray gun and the surface of the base steel during sand blasting is preferably 100 to 300 mm .


: 喷射方向与基体钢材表面法线夹角以 15 °~45°为宜。 Blasting angle : The included angle between the spraying direction and the surface normal of the base steel is preferably 15 ° ~ 45 °.


, 进行下一道工序前,如遇下雨或其他造成基体钢材表面潮湿的情况时,要待环境达到施工条件后,用干燥的压缩空气吹干表 After sandblasting and rust removal , before the next process, if it is raining or other conditions that cause the surface of the substrate steel to be wet, after the environment has reached the construction conditions, dry the table with dry compressed air.

After surface moisture, sandblasting is performed. If re-blasting is required, the abrasive requirements must not be reduced, otherwise the roughness will be reduced and the subsequent spraying adhesion will be low.


, 打开空压机排气阀 , 排放空压机内残余气体 . 关闭电源 , 关闭空气压缩机。 After the blasting operation is completed, the main air source of the compressor is closed, the air supply to the compressor is stopped , the exhaust valve of the compressor is opened , and the residual gas in the compressor is discharged . The power is turned off and the air compressor is turned off.

, 防止潮湿结块或堵砂 . If the blasting machine is not used for a long time, the remaining abrasive in the cylinder needs to be cleaned to prevent wet agglomeration or block sand .



Third, stop
When the sand blasting machine takes a long time to stop, the abrasive in the barrel should be cleaned to prevent failure due to the damp of the abrasive when it is reused. The steps to clean the abrasive are:
、卸掉喷嘴。 1. Remove the nozzle.
、将喷砂软管置于一容器内。 2. Place the sandblasting hose in a container.
、关闭侧气阀 (4a) 和排气阀 (17) 且磨料阀开启到最大限度。 3. Close the side air valve (4a) and exhaust valve (17) and open the abrasive valve to the maximum.
、打开进气阀 (4), 让喷砂机作业 , 直至把缸内多于磨料排干净 , 最后打开侧气阀 (4a), 把砂管内磨料吹干净 . 4.Open the air inlet valve (4) and let the sandblasting machine operate until the cylinder is more than the abrasive , and finally open the side air valve (4a) to blow the abrasive in the sand pipe clean .

   The sand blasting machine should be covered when placed outdoors at night to prevent water from entering the bucket.

Fourth, maintenance
、更换封闭阀 ( 伞斗 ) 1.Replace closed valve ( umbrella bucket )
( 伞斗 ) 下的接口(导管),把它们从桶内取出。 Open the service port valve, and use a small pipe wrench to unscrew the connector (conduit) under the conical closed valve ( umbrella bucket ) and remove them from the barrel. Replace it with a new shut-off valve.

Install the inspection hole cover and tighten all the screws.
、更换进料口密封圈 2.Replace the sealing ring of the inlet
Use your nails or a screwdriver to gently remove the old seal and press the new seal into the seal seat.
、定期检查进气阀 ( 空气截止阀 ) 和排气阀内的 O 形密封圈、活塞、弹簧、密封垫和其他零件的润滑和磨损情况。 3. Regularly check the lubrication and wear of O -rings, pistons, springs, gaskets and other parts in the intake valve ( air shut-off valve ) and exhaust valve .

Five, troubleshooting
、堵塞 1. Blockage
)喷嘴出口处既无磨料也无空气 1 ) No abrasive or air at the nozzle outlet
(4) ,打开排气阀 (17) ,待喷砂机卸压后,检查喷嘴是否堵塞 , 堵塞则需清理 , 即可继续喷砂 ; Close the inlet valve (4) and open the exhaust valve (17) . After the pressure of the sandblasting machine is unloaded, check whether the nozzle is clogged . If the clogging needs to be cleaned , continue the sandblasting ;

2) Abrasive with air
, 则可能在调砂阀处或罐底下沙口处堵塞 , 需要拆卸砂阀检查 , 排出异物 , 重装砂阀后继续喷砂 . If the nozzle is not blocked , it may be blocked at the sand control valve or at the sand mouth under the tank . The sand valve needs to be removed for inspection , foreign matter is discharged , and the sand valve is continued after reinstalling the sand valve .

(4) ,然后快速打开主进气阀 (4), 多次循环 , 利用脉冲力冲击堵塞物 , Open the abrasive valve to the maximum limit, quickly open and then immediately close the main intake valve (4) , and then quickly open the main intake valve (4), multiple cycles , impact the blockage with pulse force , if

, 如不能解决问题则需打开检修孔 (15) 清除桶内杂物 , 清除磨料阀内堵塞物。 This method does not work, you need to disassemble and check whether the sand control valve is blocked . If you cannot solve the problem, you need to open the manhole (15) to clear the debris in the bucket and the blockage in the abrasive valve.

、喷砂不稳定 : 磨料流量稍有不稳乃属正常现象。 2. Sand blasting is unstable : It is normal that the abrasive flow is slightly unstable. (4a) 或关小侧气阀 (4a) 即可 If the abrasive flow continues to be unstable, quickly open it and then close the side air valve (4a) or close the small side air valve (4a).

, 同时根据需要可以调节小侧气阀 (4a) 的开关 , 关小以减少气流等 , 调到一定程度可消除不稳定现象 . Eliminate this fault , and at the same time, you can adjust the switch of the small side gas valve (4a) and close it to reduce the air flow, etc. , and adjust it to a certain extent to eliminate the instability .

、清除受潮的磨料 3.Remove dampened abrasive
, 在关闭磨料阀的前提下 , 卸掉喷砂软管及相应的密封垫,打开磨料阀 (8) 及进气阀 (4) ,来回关闭 Ensure that there is no person or rebound in front of the abrasive valve. Under the premise of closing the abrasive valve , remove the sandblasting hose and the corresponding gasket, open the abrasive valve (8) and the inlet valve (4) , and close it back and forth

(4a), 受潮的磨料即可被清除干净 . Open the side inlet valve (4a), and the wet abrasive can be removed .

(Note: Abrasive inlet speed is very high, unrelated personnel must stay away from the inlet of the abrasive valve).

(4) ,打开排气阀 (17) ,再把卸掉喷嘴后的喷砂软管接到喷砂机上,打开进气阀 (4) 和侧气阀 (4a) ,喷砂软管内湿 Then close the intake valve (4) , open the exhaust valve (17) , and then connect the blast hose with the nozzle removed to the sand blasting machine. Open the intake valve (4) and the side air valve (4a) and spray. Wet inside sand hose

The abrasive is also removed. (17) ,再把喷嘴接到喷砂软管上,喷砂作业即可正常步骤重新进行。 Close the exhaust valve (17) , and then connect the nozzle to the blasting hose. The blasting operation can be resumed in normal steps.

4, the exhaust valve does not exhaust or exhaust slowly
)清洗 1 ) Cleaning
)更换排气阀 . 2 ) Replace the exhaust valve .

: 注意事项 Six : matters needing attention

, 并且没有杂质 . 1) The abrasive used must be dry and screened and free of impurities .

, 不能加满 . 2) Abrasives can only be added up to four-fifths of the tank volume , not full .

( 蘑菇头 ) 上下动作不灵活时 , 请不要再导入磨料 , 应该进行修理或更换 ,(0 型密封圈一般磨损即换 , 没有磨损 3-6 个月也 3) When the umbrella-shaped automatic closed valve ( mushroom head ) is not flexible , please do not introduce abrasives , you should repair or replace it . ( Type 0 seals are generally worn, and there is no wear for 3-6 months.

, 防止老化不密封 ). Should be replaced once to prevent aging and not sealing ).

, 用吹尘枪或扫帚清理蘑菇头 , 只有砂粒全部进入罐体后才能打开气阀送气 , 防止砂粒磨损 O 型圈和蘑菇头 . 4) After all the abrasive has entered the tank , use a dust blower or broom to clean the mushroom head . Only after all the sand particles have entered the tank can the air valve be opened to prevent the sand from wearing the O -ring and the mushroom head .

, 不能用锤子 , 扳手或其它重物硬物敲击罐体或喷枪 , 应采用其它相应措施来处理和清理 , 应该停止作 5) During the operation, the sand blasting is interrupted due to failure . Do not use a hammer , wrench, or other heavy hard objects to strike the tank or spray gun . Other corresponding measures should be used to handle and clean up .

, 卸掉罐体气压后再进行处理 . Industry , remove the tank air pressure before processing .

, 高压状态时 , 不能随意移动 , 敲击 , 插拔气管和喷枪 , 否则会引发危险 , 造成事故 . 6) When the blasting pipe is under pressure and high pressure , it cannot be moved at will , knocking , plugging and unplugging the air pipe and spray gun , otherwise it will cause danger and cause an accident .

, 因此需要一定的时间才能自喷嘴喷出 , 所以在调节砂阀的砂量大小时 , 调节手把的频率要 7) Because the abrasive has a certain distance to the nozzle through the blasting pipe , it takes a certain time to spray from the nozzle . Therefore, when adjusting the sand amount of the sand valve , the frequency of the handle should be adjusted.

, 要边观察边调整 ( 调砂阀喷枪不能对准人和物 ). Slower , adjust it while observing (the sand control valve spray gun cannot point at people and objects ).

, 滤掉水分和油雾的压缩空气 , 并且保证良好的压力 , 压力不能超过 8KG/ 平方 (0.7MPa). 8) It is said that the compressed air used must be a few sad filters , filter out the water and oil mist compressed air , and ensure a good pressure , the pressure cannot exceed 8KG / square (0.7MPa).

1/3 的磨料 . 9) Never use abrasives with a sand diameter larger than 1/3 of the nozzle diameter .

, 旁边也不能站人 . 10) Sandblasting is absolutely prohibited .

, 在喷嘴口径磨损增大后 ( 一般超过 1.5MM) 应该进行更换 . 11) The nozzles of different calibers are reasonably selected according to the flow of the air compressor, and should be replaced after the wear of the nozzles has increased ( usually more than 1.5MM) .



Relationship between nozzle diameter and air compressor flow

Nozzle diameter


MPa Effective pressure ( MPa )

m 2 /h (Sa2.5 Sa3.0) Cleaning efficiency m 2 / h (Sa2.5 Sa3.0)






(m 3 /min) Air consumption (m 3 / min)




11 6 11

(Kg/h) Abrasive consumption (Kg / h)






(m 3 /min) Air consumption (m 3 / min)




20 10 20

(Kg/h) Abrasive consumption (Kg / h)






(m 3 /min) Air consumption (m 3 / min)




30 16 30

(Kg/h) Abrasive consumption (Kg / h)




Two: dust removal system

The dust removal system is mainly completed by a water mist blast gun connected to a pressurized water pipe:


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