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Stainless steel plate automatic cleaning high pressure water jet sand blasting machine


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High-pressure water jet sand blasting machine:

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, 是传统表面处理工艺的重大变革 . The high-pressure water jet sandblasting cleaning production line is a new generation of new surface cleaning equipment that integrates high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and high-tech automation.It is a major change in the traditional surface treatment process .

直接采用高压水作为动力,利用水的密度大,冲蚀力强、压缩比小、不易扩散、砂浆加速时间长、扑尘等特性, The high-pressure water jet sand blasting machine does not use compressed air and directly uses high-pressure water as power . It uses the characteristics of high water density , strong erosion force, small compression ratio, difficult diffusion, long mortar acceleration time, and dust suppression .

大幅度的提高了表面清理质量和清理功效,并且能替代传统的去油、酸洗等污染大的工艺,杜绝化学废水的产生, In principle, the pollution of sandblasting dust is eliminated , the surface cleaning quality and cleaning efficiency are greatly improved , and it can replace traditional polluting processes such as degreasing and pickling to prevent the generation of chemical wastewater .

无论在性能、环保、节能,还是清理后的表面质量均大大的优于国内外现有的表明清理工艺,各项指 Catering to the current national policy of vigorously controlling the pollution industry , both in terms of performance, environmental protection, energy saving , and cleaned surface quality are significantly better than existing domestic and foreign indicated cleaning processes .

几乎可以涵盖所有机械,五金,石材,板材等金属及非金属材料的表面清理工作. The standard reaches the international advanced level , which can cover almost all machinery , hardware , stone , plate and other metal and non-metallic materials surface cleaning work .

我们欢迎您的咨询! High-pressure water jet blasting will be the mainstream process of surface cleaning in the future . We welcome your inquiry !

The principle of high-pressure water blast cleaning machine uses high-pressure water instead of compressed air as the driving force of abrasives, and the abrasive is automatically sucked in by the negative pressure generated by the high-speed spray of high-pressure water through the descaling nozzle and connected with the high pressure.

Water is efficiently mixed to form a high-energy abrasive stream, which is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece at high speed. The burrs, scale, oil, rust, and salt on the surface of the workpiece are removed at one time by virtue of the high-speed abrasive stream's impact, erosion and grinding.

The high-pressure water blast cleaning machine system consists of a water tank, a high-pressure pump, a cleaning mechanism, a sedimentation tank, a sewage filter, and an electrical control system.

The sprayed abrasive flows into the collecting bucket below the cleaning mechanism. The abrasive with a coarse particle size sinks into the bottom of the collecting bucket under the action of gravity and is sucked into the descaling nozzle by the suction hose under the negative pressure. The abrasive is automatically recovered.

Useful abrasives are used repeatedly. Very fine abrasive particles, which basically do not play a role in sand blasting, flow out of the upper part of the collecting bucket under the effect of the rising speed of the water flow, the abrasives are automatically sorted and used repeatedly. Collecting bucket upper stream

The discharged suspended sewage containing fine particles flows into the sedimentation tank through a pipeline or a trench. After sedimentation in the sedimentation tank, it is pumped into a sewage filter by a sewage pump and filtered, and then pressed into a water tank for high-pressure pump circulation.


  : 原理 One : Principle


传统的喷砂机使用高压空气做为驱动力),通过特殊的喷嘴头靠高压水的高速射流所产生的负压将磨料自动吸入并与高压水高效混合,形成高能磨料流,高速的喷向加工的工件表面.借助高速磨料的撞击、冲蚀、磨修等作用,将工件表面的氧化皮、油、锈、盐分、油漆等不属于工件本体材质的异物一次性清除干净,达到喷砂加工的目的. Multi-station high-pressure water jet automatic cleaning blasting machine uses high-pressure water instead of compressed air as the driving force for abrasives ( traditional blasting machines use high-pressure air as the driving force ), which is produced by high-speed water jets of high-pressure water through special nozzle heads The negative pressure automatically sucks the abrasive and efficiently mixes it with high-pressure water to form a high-energy abrasive stream , which is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece at high speed . With the impact, erosion, and repair of the high-speed abrasive, the oxide surface and oil on the surface of the workpiece Foreign matter, such as rust, salt, paint, etc., which are not part of the body of the workpiece , are removed at one time to achieve the purpose of sandblasting .

颗粒大小不同的磨料,在不同的压力模式下,对工件表面形成不同的撞击纹理或粗糙度,以达到对石材,瓷砖等类型工件的水冲面(千年风化效果) 、水喷洗面、水喷砂面等色彩艳丽,均匀,手感细腻的美容作用. At the same time , different abrasives with different materials and different particle sizes are used to form different impact textures or roughnesses on the surface of the workpiece under different pressure modes to achieve water flushing ( millennium weathering effect ) , water The spray-washed face, water-blasted face and other colorful , uniform , and delicate feel .

     颗粒尺寸较粗,有利用价值的磨料在重力作用下沉入收集斗的底部,由细砂软管在负压作用下再次吸入喷砂枪进行喷砂,碎成粉状的磨料则随水流从排污口排出. After spraying, the abrasive flow enters the collecting bucket below the sand blasting machine with the water flow . The particle size is relatively coarse . The valuable abrasive sinks into the bottom of the collecting bucket under the action of gravity . The fine sand hose is sucked into the spraying again under the negative pressure. The sand gun blasts the sand , and the powdered abrasive is discharged from the sewage outlet with the water flow .

重复使用,循环喷砂,相对于干式喷砂机,更能节省磨料达40%. Abrasives are automatically recovered , reused , and blasted . Compared to dry blasting machines , abrasives can be saved up to 40%.

功能特点 2 : Features

使用高压水作为动力源,作业不产生粉尘,彻底根除了粉尘对环境的污染和对工人健康的危害,清理级别达到SA3.0级别; 1: Use high-pressure water as the power source , the operation does not generate dust , completely eliminate the pollution of dust to the environment and the harm to workers' health, and the cleaning level reaches SA3.0 level ;

表面清理干净彻底,清理后工件表面无油、无附着物、有粗糙度,后续阳极、电镀、喷涂结合力强; 2: The surface is cleaned thoroughly . After cleaning, the surface of the workpiece is free of oil, adhesion and roughness , and has strong bonding strength for subsequent anodizing, electroplating and spraying .

清理速度极快,同功率下比较传统干式空气喷砂,效率提高3-4,喷砂后工件表面均匀一致性强; 3: The cleaning speed is extremely fast . Compared with the traditional dry air blasting at the same power , the efficiency is increased by 3-4 times , and the workpiece surface is uniform and consistent after blasting ;

磨料虹吸式负压自动供给,反复使用,损耗量少,经济实惠,操作简单,可靠; 4: Abrasive siphon negative pressure automatic supply , repeated use , less loss , economical , simple and reliable operation ;

自动化完成磨料的回收与分选; 5: Automatically complete the recovery and sorting of abrasives ;

喷砂用水,循环使用,磨料反复使用,2000目细砂可达到干喷200目效果,成本价低约40%; 6: Sand blasting water , recycling use , abrasives repeated use , 2000 mesh fine sand can achieve the effect of 200 mesh dry spray , the cost price is about 40% lower;

工作压力可以调整,磨料粗细可以选择,清理参数可自动设定和调整,能适应不同材质的工件,适应不同的加工精度要求,覆盖目前喷砂加工90%以上加工工艺. 7: The working pressure can be adjusted , the thickness of the abrasive can be selected , and the cleaning parameters can be automatically set and adjusted.It can adapt to different material workpieces and different processing accuracy requirements , covering more than 90% of the current sandblasting processing technology .



Traditional sand blasting machine   Water sand machine   Comparison table of high-pressure water jet sand blasting machine

Sandblasting method

Power source

Abrasive source

Dust pollution degree

Abrasive particle size

Degree of abrasive loss

Blasting level

Impact pressure


Cleanliness of workpiece

Subsequent cleaning

Dry blasting

high pressure

Dry abrasive


16 # -220 #

Exceeding the particle requirements




Dust adhesion

Blow dust or wipe

Standard abrasive

细砂风机抽走 10% fine sand blower

Related to operation methods and worker gestures

Wet blasting

high pressure

Water and sand mix

Almost dust-free

16 # -400 #

Scrap particles that exceed the required diameter reduction




Clean and dust-free

No cleaning required

Suitable for fine abrasives

High pressure water jet
Sand blasting

High pressure water

Water and sand mix

Without any dust

16 # -4000 #

Non-atomized particles can be cleaned after pressure adjustment



High uniformity

Extra clean and dust-free

No cleaning required

Micro powder blasting effect is obvious

Good consistency

White cloth wipe without color


High pressure water jet sand blasting (pellet) machine functions and features:

1. No dust is generated during operation, which eliminates the pollution of dust to the environment and the harm to workers' health. 级, The cleaning quality reaches Sa2.5 level,

2. The surface is cleaned thoroughly, the surface is free of oil and attachments, and has strong bonding power of electroplating and spraying.

3. Assembly line station layout, single station continuous sand blasting, cleaning, single station loading and unloading;

4. Mechanical rocker transmission mechanism, accurate positioning. The system is simple, reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

5. Nozzle swing spray cleaning, good surface consistency.

6. The swing amplitude and spray angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, with high utilization rate and strong adaptability.

7. Abrasive supply under negative pressure self-suction, repeated use, less consumption; simple, stable and reliable.

8. Automatically complete the recovery and sorting of abrasives.

9, water recycling, abrasives are used repeatedly.

10. The working pressure is adjustable, the abrasive is optional, and the cleaning parameters can be automatically set and adjusted, which can adapt to different materials and different accuracy requirements.

11. The installation of the equipment is convenient and simple. It does not require a separate workshop and can be directly installed on the production line.


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