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High-pressure water mist blasting machine type Ⅰ, high-pressure water blasting machine


Dongguan Humen Meijun Sandblasting Equipment

Full-function wet water blasting machine

Dongguan Meijun Sandblasting Equipment is one of the early manufacturers of sandblasting machine accessories. It has more than ten years of brand growth history.

专业生产湿式水喷砂机---专注表面处理15Dongguan Meijun sandblasting equipment - professional production of wet water sandblasting machine --- focus on surface treatment for 15 years

特别是我们制造业界的锁喉热点,停产,停工,关门以适应环保要求并不是偶尔发生的事了,他已经事关到制造业能否生存。 Environmental protection issues have become a hot spot in the world today , especially in our manufacturing industry's key throat hot spots, production shutdown, shutdown, and closing to meet environmental protection requirements is not an occasional occurrence, he has already been concerned about the survival of the manufacturing industry.

国际组织制定了一系列旨在保护环境的技术标准。 The tide of economic globalization and the call for solving global environmental problems have made the relationship between environment and trade increasingly close . International organizations have formulated a series of technical standards aimed at protecting the environment. How to prevent air pollution and clean the air environment is also a subject of continuous research. 但紧随着的却是大气环境的污染。 Although China has entered the ranks of the world's major manufacturing countries , it is followed by pollution of the atmospheric environment. These fine dusts in the air are extremely harmful to human health. 还可以直接进入血液到达人体各部位。 Not only will it deposit in the lungs , it can also go directly into the blood and reach all parts of the body. 它一旦进入人体,就会引发各种呼吸系统疾病,危害将更大。 Various toxic substances are also attached to the surface of dust particles . Once it enters the human body , it will cause various respiratory diseases and the harm will be greater. 控制粉尘的排放,是我国治理大气污染、洁净空气环境的重要举措。 Therefore , controlling dust emissions is an important measure for China to control air pollution and clean air environment.

电子、精密仪器加工、等各大制造行业对空气中含尘量的要求更高,一般都要求对亚微米级粉尘的除尘效率达99.7%以上,自此美俊喷洒器材设备意识到粉尘排放对环境及人体的危害,故主力推出无粉尘污染的湿式水喷砂,以适应环保生产的要求。 In addition , electronics, precision instrument processing, and other major manufacturing industries have higher requirements for airborne dust content.Generally , they require sub-micron dust removal efficiency of more than 99.7% . Since then, Junjun spraying equipment has realized dust The discharge is harmful to the environment and the human body, so the main force is to introduce dust-free wet water blasting to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly production.

  High pressure water blasting

干式高压喷砂机+水雾喷砂枪,不锈钢水喷砂系列 ■ Type I machine : Dry high-pressure sand blasting machine + water mist blasting gun , stainless steel water blasting series

高压水喷砂机,高压水喷砂机房,除锈除漆除氧化层清理系列 Type II machine : high-pressure water blasting machine , high-pressure water blasting machine room , rust, paint, and oxide layer cleaning series

高压水射流喷砂,钢卷钢板高速清理水喷砂机,除锈除漆除氧化层清理系列 Type III machine : high-pressure water jet sand blasting , steel coil steel plate high-speed cleaning water blasting machine , rust and paint removal and oxide layer cleaning series

高压水喷砂机房 ■ High-pressure water blasting machine , high-pressure water blasting machine room


Ⅰ high pressure water blasting machine :

环保除尘水雾喷砂枪 Dry pressure feed sand blasting machine + environmental protection dust removal water mist blasting gun

罐子里是干砂,砂管里是干砂,只有到枪以后才和水雾混合,不影响沙粒磨料的装机速度,效率高.缺点是喷出去的沙子是湿润的,回收后要烘干才能装罐使用,所以本机适合户外使用一次性低成本磨料(例如:河沙,石英砂,铜矿砂)喷砂. Features : The jar is dry sand , and the sand tube is dry sand . It is mixed with water mist only after the gun . It does not affect the installation speed of the sand abrasive and has high efficiency . The disadvantage is that the sprayed sand is wet. After recycling, Drying can be used for canning , so this machine is suitable for outdoor use with disposable low-cost abrasives ( e.g. river sand , quartz sand , copper ore ) for sand blasting .


采用卸压式气动控制模式,此机的特点: The pressure-feeding mobile sand blasting machine of Dongguan Meijun sand blasting equipment adopts pressure-relieving pneumatic control mode . The characteristics of this machine :

  1. 可独立控制开机,关机,节省人力; One person can operate one machine and can independently control the startup and shutdown , saving manpower ;

  2. 联动排气,泄压,使得喷砂罐停机气压为0,开机运作过程压力不超过6公斤,这样远离喷砂罐的设计压力,从而改变了增压的安全隐患,同时又能保证高压喷砂机的喷砂效果,是安全型的压送式高压喷砂机; Pneumatic control , linkage exhaust and pressure relief , make the blasting tank stop air pressure to 0, and the pressure during the startup operation does not exceed 6 kg , so that it is far away from the design pressure of the blasting tank , thereby changing the hidden danger of pressurization and ensuring the safety The blasting effect of the high-pressure blasting machine is a safe pressure-feeding high-pressure blasting machine ;

  3. 这样可以保证罐内残存的气压把磨料继续压入砂管内造成再次开机堵砂,同时,由于手控开关的应用,由操作者在手中控制,使得开机和喷砂同时进行,有效控制砂管内高压空气和磨料的混合比例,减少脉冲现象,使得喷砂很顺畅. Adopting the technology of instantaneous exhaust during shutdown , this can ensure that the remaining air pressure in the tank continues to press the abrasive into the sand tube and cause sand to start up again.At the same time , due to the application of the manual control switch , it is controlled by the operator in the hand , making the startup and sandblasting Simultaneously , it can effectively control the mixing ratio of high-pressure air and abrasive in the sand tube , reduce the pulse phenomenon , and make the sand blasting very smooth .

使得美俊喷砂器材的压送式喷砂机特别适合工程类的长时间喷砂加工, 加长管道喷砂(50/80/100),由于一个人可以在操作一台机器,随时开机关机由自己控制,既节省人力,有可以达到独立控制的方便性和安全性,是喷砂工程施工的首选喷砂器械. Due to the above technical characteristics , the pressure-feeding sand blasting machine of Meijun sand blasting equipment is particularly suitable for long-term sand blasting processing in engineering , and the pipe sand blasting is extended (50 meters / 80 meters / 100 meters ). Operating a machine and turning it on and off at any time is controlled by itself , which saves manpower , has the convenience and safety of independent control, and is the preferred blasting equipment for blasting construction .


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