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Belt type burr processing sandblasting machine


专门为压缩及射出成型等热硬性塑料,电木,树脂类产品的毛边清理而设计的自动化机械。 Meijun sand blasting equipment hot hard plastic burr processing sand blasting machine is an automatic machine specially designed for burr cleaning of thermosetting plastics, bakelite and resin products such as compression and injection molding.

抛丸机 Unedged sand blasting machine - shot blasting machine


毛边机,环带式喷砂机,毛刺喷砂机,毛边抛光机,毛刺抛丸机 Deburring Sandblasting Machine, Deburring Machine, Ring Belt Sandblasting Machine, Deburring Sandblasting Machine, Deburring Machine, Deburring Shot Blasting Machine

Features :  

1. The dust collector is hidden inside the machine.

It is put into the door, the operation panel is arranged in a good way, the operation is easy, and the maintenance is simple.

而发挥其高效率之清扫能力。 2. The projecting material is ejected by high-speed rotary impeller, with large radiation area, dense projectiles, burrs on the surface of the product, inner holes, recesses, and difficult-to-treat parts can be removed in a short time , and its high-efficiency cleaning ability is exerted.

3. After the products are processed by this machine, they are all beautiful and shiny. (Because the machine is equipped with an automatic humidification and automatic blowing device for special dust removal)

人之产能,是降低成本减少人工的佳利器。 4. This machine can be used continuously for a long time without replacement parts, so the maintenance cost is very small, and it can be handled in large quantities. Each machine can reach a capacity of 10 ~ 15 people, which is a good tool to reduce costs and labor.  

This machine is used to process the burr on the surface of the thermosetting plastic products which are compressed or injection molded.

Abrasive spraying is a self-contained projection device, which integrates a chassis, an endless belt conveying device, and a dust collecting device. It is a spray washing machine with a simple appearance, occupying no space and high efficiency.

The projecting material (plastic granules) is projected on the product through a high-speed rotating impeller, and the burrs in the shape of a sheet and the burrs in the recesses or holes can be removed in a short time. The amount of projected power can be adjusted by the inverter keyboard on the control panel.

The spray washing room is composed of an endless belt conveyor, and all rubbers are laid in the room. The input product is stirred while the belt is rotating in the forward direction, and the burr is uniformly removed by the impact of the projected material thrown out at high speed.

The projected material being projected can be continuously used through a delicate circulation system. The powdery burr and the smaller projection material are attracted and collected by the dust collector, while the larger burr is filtered by the screen.

The middle of the suction pipe is provided with a nozzle for humidification. A proper amount of moisture can further enhance the spray cleaning effect, prevent dust from adhering, and increase the life of the projection material.

Operational matters needing attention :
1 . ( 2250~3600R.PM )之间,调整到佳的投射时间,一般约八分钟。 The product processing time varies depending on the processing volume, shape, and projection material. The adjustment method is that the impeller rotation speed is between 45 ~ 60HZ ( 2250 ~ 3600R.PM ), and it is adjusted to a good projection time, generally about eight minutes.
2 . 。 C ),请隔绝烟火。 The wear-resistant rubber of each part is flammable (lighting point is about 300 ° C. ), please keep out of fireworks.
3 . Before starting work, please check whether all doors are completely closed, especially the operation door cannot be opened during spray cleaning operation.
4 . During operation, the projection material will be gradually consumed, and the impeller projection amount will gradually decrease. It should always be checked by the front door inspection window, or compared with the current value of the projection ammeter. If it is reduced, please add an appropriate amount.
5 . If abnormal sounds or overheating of bearings and motors occur during operation, immediately stop the machine for inspection, and turn off the power to ensure safety during maintenance.
6 . Before the operation starts or after the operation is completed, the condition of each part should be checked. If there is abrasion, please repair and replace it immediately.
7 . The amount of water in the humidifying bucket should be checked daily, and please replenish it when it is insufficient.
8 . After daily operation, please stop and shake the handle on the left side of the case for a few times to shake off the dust in the dust pipe.
9 . After daily operation, please clean up waste and dust.
10 . If the rubber band is offset or slipping, adjust the adjustment screws on both sides of the case slightly.
11 . Before spraying and washing the products, please screen and remove the sundries such as ejection rods, and then put them into the spraying to prevent the belt from being scratched, so as to extend the life of the belt.
12 . The endless belt conveyor has a safety tip device. If the endless belt is jammed, the end of the safety belt will be automatically cut off, and the endless rotation of the endless belt will be stopped immediately without damaging the machine. New safety tips.
13 . 次。 Chains, bearings, please add grease twice a month.
14 . After the door sponge is worn, please replace it with a new one.
15 . If the nozzle for static elimination is blocked, please clean it with a bristle brush, bamboo stick and plastic needle. Never use a metal through needle.
16 . After use, please turn off the main switch.

Ready for operation
After the machinery is set up, please prepare one by one as follows:
1 . Connect to main power. 电源接线图所示接线) (Please follow the wiring shown in the P11 power wiring diagram)
2 . Connect the compressed air source. 以内) (Nozzle blowing pressure is within 0.5kg / cm2 )
3 . Prepare a bucket and add clean water or antistatic liquid.
4 . Remove the lid from the front lower door and insert the projection material. ) (Standard input is 10kg )
5 . (依喷嘴孔径大小而定,计有∮ 1.1mm,0.71mm,0.51mm三种: Timer T4 for setting the humidification time (depending on the nozzle aperture size, there are three types :1.1mm,0.71mm,0.51mm :
1秒关15. Large bore ∮ 1.1mm, open for 1 second and close for 15 seconds .
1秒关12, Medium bore ∮ 0.71mm, open for 1 second and close for 12 seconds ,
1秒关10秒) Small aperture ∮ 0.51mm, open for 1 second and close for 10 seconds)
6 . (设定参考为8分钟)。 Set timer T3 for projection time (setting reference is 8 minutes).
7 . (设定参考为2分钟)。 Set timer T5 for end alarm waiting time (setting reference is 2 minutes).
8 . (设定参考为1秒钟)。 Set the timer TR for the end alarm time (setting reference is 1 second).
9 . Start each drive unit and confirm the direction of rotation of the motor (just confirm that the belt is rotating normally).

Confirmation method: Press the endless belt forward switch, and the endless belt should rotate toward the inside of the machine. . Otherwise, please R in the main power supply. . S.T. The position of any two lines in the three lines can be reversed.
After the above tasks are completed, please follow the precautions and operation sequence on the next page to start.
. Remarks: 1 . The mechanical setting must consider the operating space and maintenance space.
2 . If you spray wash more special materials, such as fiber-filled bakelite, urea, engineering plastics and other products. Because static electricity is easy to occur, please use antistatic liquid, which can eliminate static electricity and make the product surface more clean and beautiful.

The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of "leading technology, rejuvenating with quality", and takes "honesty and truth-seeking" as its operating principle to provide you with quality products and excellent service.

Can be customized non-standard models of machines according to customer needs! !! !!

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