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Environmental protection sand blasting room


Meijun environmental protection blasting room——Want not to be investigated by environmental protection? Want to meet environmentally friendly blasting standards? Then take a look at the characteristics of the wind recycling sand blasting room. Feature one: The use of a large wind suction filter device, feature two: The use of wind sand blasting to the sand blasting machine reduces the wear of the conveyor belt of the elevator compared to the traditional lifting sand blasting room. And the sand absorption is smooth and even without blocking the sand. Feature three: The sand blasting operator will alarm and stop automatically when the blasting room does not come out within the prescribed time.

Environmental protection wind cycle sand blasting room

                     Honeycomb recycling blasting room

This set of equipment is mainly composed of sand blasting room body, sand absorbing floor, separator, storage hopper, sand blasting system, connecting air duct, dust removal system, discharge pipe, electrical system and so on.

One: Design Standard

除氧化层,提高表面质量的要求,以及改善工人劳动环境、保护环境的要求,特设计本套前处理设备——环保型风力循环喷砂房及喷砂设备。 In order to meet the requirements of removing embroidery , removing oxide layer on the surface of metal products , improving the surface quality, and improving the requirements of workers' working environment and protecting the environment, this set of pre-treatment equipment is specially designed—environment-friendly wind cycle blasting room and blasting device. The design of the blasting room and blasting equipment is based on the "scientific, reasonable, economical, and practical" principles, making full use of advanced technologies and processes at home and abroad, and carefully selecting high-quality supporting equipment at home and abroad to ensure the quality of workpieces and products. Under the premise of appearance level and environmental protection, the investment cost, operation and maintenance cost should be reduced as much as possible, so that the equipment can be at the advanced level in the domestic industry.


Reference to relevant technical standards

During the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of this equipment we have implemented the following standards:

涂装作业安全规程涂漆工艺安全及其通风净化 GB 6514-2008 Safety regulations for painting operations

涂装作业安全规程安全管理通则 GB 7691-2003 General rules for safety management of safety regulations for painting operations

涂装作业安全规程喷漆室安全技术规定 GB 14444-2006 safety regulations for painting operations

涂装作业安全规程涂层烘干室安全技术规定 GB 14443-2007 Safety regulations for coating operations

《固定式压力容器安全技术检查规程》 STZ21-2017 "Safety Technical Inspection Regulations for Stationary Pressure Vessels"

工业企业噪声控制设计规范 GBJ 87-1985 Code for Design of Noise Control in Industrial Enterprises

钢结构工程施工质量验收规范 GB 50205-2001 Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Steel Structure Engineering

钢结构高强度螺栓连接的设计、施工及验收规程 JGJ 82-1991 Code for Design, Construction and Acceptance of High- strength Bolt Connections in Steel Structures

钢结构设计规范 GB 50017-2003 steel structure design code

涂装前钢材表面锈蚀等级和除锈等级 GB 8923-1988 steel surface rust grade and derusting grade before painting

钢焊缝手工超声波探伤方法和探伤结果分级 GB / T 11345-1989 Manual ultrasonic flaw detection method for steel welds and classification of results

工业企业厂界环境噪声排放标准 GB 12348-2008 Environmental noise emission standards for industrial enterprises

《工业企业设计卫生标准》 GBZ1-2002 "Design Sanitary Standards for Industrial Enterprises"

Two: The working principle and characteristics of the blasting room

After the fan is started, outdoor air flows into the room through the decentralized air-supply silencing device installed in the chamber, and an air static layer is formed in the cross section of the sand blasting chamber. The indoor dust, cleaning materials, and sand particles are pressed against the sand suction floor and the dust removal vent. 滤芯二级除尘后,灰尘流入垃圾桶,洁净空气经风机高空排风。 It is brought into the abrasive separator through the sand-absorbing floor, and the useful sand is separated from other waste and dust by the separator. The useful blasting sand is returned to the sand blasting tank for recycling. + After the secondary dust removal of the filter element, the dust flows into the trash bin, and the clean air is exhausted through the fan at high altitude.


Technical characteristics:

This equipment is currently the highest technical content, best quality, longest service life, and best working environment in the blasting industry. Compared with traditional blasting equipment consisting of hinge dragons and bucket elevators, It has the following four advantages:

、采用我公司自主设计研发的吸砂地板技术,减少地坑深度可节约大笔基建费用;极少的维修量且简单易行(基本免维修,每年节省一大笔维修费用);高能见度,便于观察工件加工情况且有良好的工作环境。 1. Adopting the sand-absorbing floor technology independently designed and developed by our company, reducing the depth of the pit can save a lot of capital construction costs; very little maintenance and easy to implement (basically maintenance-free, saving a lot of maintenance costs each year); high visibility , It is convenient to observe the workpiece processing and has a good working environment.

、配备功能独特的磨料分选器,可以除去回收的磨料中的碎砂和粉尘,从而使喷砂过程保持稳定的清理效率。 2. Equipped with a unique abrasive separator, the sand and dust in the recovered abrasive can be removed, so that the blasting process can maintain a stable cleaning efficiency.

、安装国际顶级水平的空气动力+滤芯两级除尘的滤芯式除尘单元。 3 , Install the international top level aerodynamic + filter element two-stage dust removal filter element dust removal unit. ,达到国家规定环保排放标准。 Small size, long life, easy maintenance, its dust removal efficiency can reach 99.9% , and meet national environmental protection emission standards.

、消音良好的彩钢板消音喷砂室,室体耐腐蚀性高、消音效果好、外型美观。 4. Good sound-absorbing color steel plate sound-absorbing sandblasting room, the room body has high corrosion resistance, good sound-absorbing effect, and beautiful appearance.


Three: The composition and description of the auxiliary equipment

This set of equipment is mainly composed of sand blasting room body, sand absorbing floor, separator, storage hopper, sand blasting system, connecting air duct, dust removal system, discharge pipe, electrical system, compressed air system, etc.

Sand blasting room: The sand blasting room includes the chamber body, muffler, door, lighting system, etc.

室体:室体由彩钢板、型钢、钢板及橡胶板组成 1.1 Room body: The room body is composed of color steel plate, section steel, steel plate and rubber plate.

The blasting room body is made of profiled steel as the basic frame, lined with steel plates, and made of color steel sandwich panels on the outside. It has a beautiful appearance, convenient installation, and corrosion resistance and durability. At the same time, it has the function of sound insulation and heat insulation. A white rubber plate is lined inside the chamber, and at the same time the rubber plate plays a certain damping and muffling effect.

消音装置:在设备工作时室体内部唯一与室外贯通的是室体的进风口,如果不采取措施喷砂产生的噪音将对外界产生噪音污染。 1.2 Silencer: When the equipment works, the only thing inside the room that is connected to the outside is the air inlet of the room. If no measures are taken, the noise generated by sandblasting will cause noise pollution to the outside world. 尖利刺耳的声音转化为500Hz以下的柔和低音,并且能防止喷砂作业时喷出的砂料通过进气口飞溅到室体外面,同时此装置在室内还起到均流的作用,使气流在室内重新分配,均匀沉降。 We use the noise reduction technology of the aero engine test bed, and set a noise reduction device at the air inlet of the blasting room, which can convert the sharp and harsh sound of 1000 ~ 2000Hz into a soft bass below 500Hz , and can prevent the sand material from blowing out during sandblasting Through the air inlet, it splashes to the outside of the room. At the same time, the device also plays a role of uniform flow in the room, so that the air flow is redistributed in the room and settled evenly.

大门系统:本设备室体一端设对开大门,材料与墙板同质,大门净尺寸为: 2500 × 2500W × H ),供工件进出。 1.3 Door system: A double door is set at one end of the equipment body. The material is the same as that of the wall plate. The net size of the door is 2500 × 2500 ( W × H ) for workpieces to enter and exit. Open on the gateΦ 350mm Sight glass for easy observation of indoor working conditions.


照明系统:在室体的顶部安装照明灯,室内光照度大于500Lx ,全部灯箱采用亚明节能灯照明系统,安全节能、维护方便。 1.4 Lighting system: Install lighting on the top of the room. The indoor light intensity is greater than 500Lx . All light boxes adopt Yaming energy-saving lamp lighting system, which is safe, energy-saving and easy to maintain. 盏。 6 on top.

Sand-absorbing floor:

吸砂地板是由一系列金属钢板经精确计算后制作而成的类蜂窝状结构体,其厚度一般在 2.1 Sand-absorbing floor is a honeycomb structure made from a series of metal steel plates after accurate calculation. 400mm ~ 500mm In between, the whole device can be directly installed on the ground, and the falling sand particles are taken away by wind and recycled after sorting. The ordinary traditional sand blasting machine uses auger and bucket elevator to convey sand particles and fall

The grit is collected into the auger by a collecting hopper. 度,所以集料斗的倾角一般也为45度才能使砂粒顺利滑落至绞龙中,这样普通传统设备就势必需要一个深地坑来容纳巨大的集料斗和绞龙。 Because the self-flow angle of the sand particles is 45 degrees, the inclination angle of the collecting hopper is generally 45 degrees to make the sand particles slip smoothly into the auger. In this way, ordinary conventional equipment will necessarily require a deep pit to accommodate the huge collecting hopper and auger. The deep pit has the problem of water seepage. At the junction of the auger and the bucket elevator is the bottom point of the deep pit. Whenever the work is stopped, there will always be a pile of sand. If the waterproofing is not done well, this pile of sand is extremely susceptible to moisture and compaction. Workers have to break down the compacted sand before starting the machine, so it is extremely inconvenient to use. Therefore, in order to prevent deep pits from seeping water, multiple waterproof layers must be made. Making deep pits and waterproofing layers requires a considerable cost. These costs are not included in the equipment price and are borne by the user. Therefore, the sand absorbing floor technology removes the deep pits and waterproofing layers to save users a lot of hidden costs. Including infrastructure construction costs.

减少维修量从而减少停机率 2.2 Reduce maintenance volume and thus reduce downtime

The sand-absorbing floor does not have any moving parts, and the maintenance amount is small and the maintenance is convenient. 年更换一次风管弯头处的角板即可。 It only needs to replace the corner plate at the elbow of the air duct once every 1-2 years. Completely abandon the old and bulky sand conveying machinery such as auger, scraper and bucket elevator required for ordinary sand blasting equipment. Instead, use wind to convey sand particles. High-speed airflow is sucked in from the bottom of the sand absorption floor, and dust and recycled sand are sucked. Transfer to the sorter. It avoids the severe wear and tear and heavy maintenance workload of the sand conveying machinery and the transmission machinery during the conveying process, thereby reducing the downtime rate.


使喷砂室产生清晰的能见度从而提高工人的工作效率 2.3 Make the blasting room have clear visibility to improve the work efficiency of workers

The traditional blasting room usually adopts the suction method, that is, there are several suction openings in the upper part of the blasting room. This method can remove dust, but the rising dust makes the visibility of the interior of the blasting room extremely poor, and the workers cannot Observe the striking effect of the workpiece. Some places that have not been sprayed or leaked can only be found after the indoor dust is removed, which will reduce the work efficiency. Since the introduction of sand-absorbing floor technology, the ordinary traditional sand-blasting equipment has also been improved. It is to open several suction openings on the collecting hopper, which on the surface is similar to the way of sand-absorbing floor suction and suction. However, these air inlets cannot be evenly located on the ground surface of the blasting chamber, so it is bound to form several airflow columns in the blasting room, and a vortex area is formed around the airflow columns. If the dust stays in the vortex for a long time, the blasting chamber cannot achieve the effect of real high-definition visibility.

喷砂室的上进风下吸风的工作方式,这样就使整个喷砂室内形成至上而下的均匀气流,对喷砂产生的粉尘有效的压制,使喷砂室产生清晰的能见度,工人对工件的打击效果直观可见,从而也就提高了工人的工作效率,同时也给操作工人带来了洁净的工作环境,避免了传统喷砂环境所带来的职业病。 Since the honeycomb-like structures of the sand-absorbing floor are all on the ground surface of the sand-blasting chamber, the working mode of the air intake under the inlet wind of the sand-blasting chamber, so that the entire sand-blasting chamber forms a top-down uniform airflow, and The effective suppression of the generated dust makes the blasting room have clear visibility, and the impact of the workers on the workpiece is intuitively visible, thereby improving the work efficiency of the workers, and also bringing a clean working environment to the operators, avoiding Occupational diseases caused by traditional sandblasting environment.

、分选器:由气动分离器和滤网两级分选装置、粒度调节装置、重力下砂装置、储砂斗和气动下砂装置组成。 3. Sorter: It consists of a two-stage sorting device with a pneumatic separator and a screen, a particle size adjustment device, a gravity sand lowering device, a sand storage bucket and a pneumatic sand lowering device.

In the process of sand particle recovery and reuse, useful blasting sand, debris and dust will be mixed together. If no treatment is performed, the processing efficiency will be reduced when blasting again. Traditional blasting equipment is only used in the throwing of bucket elevators. An air inlet is added to the sand path as a sorting device, but this method cannot completely sort. Because the sand thrown out by the bucket elevator is lump-shaped, this air inlet can only sort the dust impurities around a lump of sand to a certain degree, and the dust debris wrapped in the lump cannot be separated at all. Therefore, useful sand, unwanted debris and dust will be mixed together, and the processing efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

Our classifier uses the aerodynamic principle and the characteristics of wind conveying sand to continuously, uniformly, stably and thoroughly sort the abrasive during the continuous and uniform sand conveying process of the sand-absorbing floor. According to the different inertia of different size particles, the impurities and broken sand and dust in the recovered sand can be removed, so that the blasting process can maintain a stable cleaning efficiency. Adjusting the particle size adjustment device can separate the crushed sand and dust with different particle sizes.

When the sand blasting tank gives a signal that the sand needs to be added, the pneumatic sand lowering device adds the abrasive in the sand storage bucket to the sand blasting tank. When the blasting tank gives a signal that the abrasive is full, the pneumatic sanding device is turned off and the sand feeding is stopped.

、喷砂系统:包括喷砂罐、喷枪、专用防护服,本设备设置1个喷砂罐、 28- Φ 12喷嘴二次进气高速喷枪。 4 , sand blasting system: including sand blasting tank, spray gun, special protective clothing, this equipment is equipped with a sand blasting tank, two 8- Φ 12 nozzle secondary air intake high-speed spray gun.

喷砂罐:我公司委托专业压力容器制造厂严格按照“压力容器规范”进行制造。 4.1 Sandblasting tank: Our company commissioned a professional pressure vessel manufacturer to strictly follow the "Pressure Vessel Code" for manufacturing. The product holds a formal certificate of conformity for inspection by the Labor Bureau. ,加砂的工作的启停由延时控制。 The volume of the sand blasting tank is 0.3m3 , and the start and stop of the sand adding work is controlled by time delay.

系统组成:喷丸罐、组合阀、落料阀(蘑菇头)、二位二通电磁阀(进气)、二位三通电磁阀(放气)、二位四通电磁阀(喷砂)、料位计、截止阀、气动下砂阀、混砂器、喷砂胶管、喷枪、喷嘴及控制系统。 4.2 System composition: shot blasting tank, combination valve, blanking valve (mushroom head), two-position two-way solenoid valve (intake), two-position three-way solenoid valve (vent), two-position four-way solenoid valve (sandblast ), Level gauge, shut-off valve, pneumatic sanding valve, sand mixer, sand blasting hose, spray gun, nozzle and control system.

套 • Quantity: 1 set

Φ 800 × 1600mm ) • Dimensions of sand blasting tank : Φ 800 × 1600 ( mm )

• Sandblasting tank volume : 0.3m3

/罐 • Number of spray guns: 1 pc / can

• Spray gun control mode: button control start and stop, independent switch

Φ • Sandblasting gun diameter and material: 8- Φ 12mm Boron carbide nozzle

″内径高压耐磨胶管,10m /卷 • Sandblasted hose specifications: DN25 / DN32Inner diameter high pressure wear-resistant hose , length 10m / roll

可调 • Working pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa adjustable

• Compressed air consumption: 6- 9 m3 单枪 / min / single shot

• Compressed air moisture content: < 0.889g / m3

棕刚玉砂,钢砂,钢丸等(规格Φ 0.1~2.0mm ) • Working abrasive: quartz sand, brown corundum sand, steel sand, steel shot, etc. (Specification Φ 0.1 ~ 2.0mm )


Sand extraction fan:

千瓦 • Motor power: 13-15 kW

According to the requirements of processing different workpieces, the amount of shots and compressed air of the pneumatic sanding valve can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The spray gun itself also has the function of a purge gun, in order to facilitate the cleaning of accumulated particles and dust on the workpiece. The blasting tank exhaust pipe is introduced into the blasting room to reduce the noise pollution to the surrounding environment when the blasting tank is exhausted.

The spray gun is a supersonic high-speed spray gun. It has a venturi-shaped nozzle. When the airflow enters the contraction section of the high-speed sandblasting gun, the airflow begins to accelerate. When it reaches the straight section of the venturi tube, the airflow speed is stable and the airflow reaches the venturi tube. During the expansion of the supersonic speed, the supersonic speed continues to be reached. During the supersonic phase, the air flow expands sharply, and the nozzle sucks a large amount of auxiliary air from the secondary air supply holes distributed around the circumference to further accelerate the sand. 小时以上(磨料选型配比必须正确,喷砂枪不能摔打和桶戳) 。 The shrinking section, straight section and expansion section of the blasting gun are all made of boron carbide, and the working life must be more than 600 hours (the abrasive selection must be correct , the blasting gun cannot be beaten and pierced ) .

专用防护服: 4.3 Special protective clothing:

The blasting room is equipped with special air-conditioning protective clothing for workers. The protective clothing has the function of protecting the head and upper body. The protective clothing is connected to the decompressed and filtered compressed air outdoors, so that the workers can always breathe clean air during work. And adjust the temperature according to their own requirements. 时,温度调节范围为 The protective clothing contains air filters, thermostats and protective clothing. The air temperature regulator uses filtered compressed air as the energy source. The temperature can be adjusted at any time. When the compressed air pressure is 0.4-0.7Mpa , the temperature adjustment range is 10-40 .

除尘系统 5Dust removal system

A new type of dust collector with two-stage dust removal technology. Sand blasting room dust removal system The sand absorption system shares two sets of fans. The dust collector uses the new technology of aerodynamic separation and filter element dust removal. Each set of units is provided with a set of vertically arranged cone-shaped aerodynamic separators (primary dust removal) and layered filter elements (secondary dust removal). The pulse controller controls the pulse valve to blow back the filter element with compressed air at regular intervals to clean the dust in the ash storage bucket.

Aerodynamic separator:

According to the aerodynamic principle, larger dust particles are separated in advance as primary purification. The aerodynamic separator consists of a series of conical rings. The size of the ring decreases from top to bottom, and the gap between the ring and the ring is about 25mm . ,大大减轻二级滤芯的除尘负荷,从而提高做为精过滤的滤芯的使用寿命。 Dust-containing gas enters from above, and is continuously decompressed after passing through the ring body. Air and some fine dust run out from the gap between the ring and the ring. Most of the dust falls into the ash bucket from the bottom of the cone ring. The dust removal efficiency is 92% , which greatly reduces the dust removal load of the secondary filter element, thereby improving the service life of the filter element as a fine filter.



)滤芯除尘器:结构采用复合滤材径向铺叠成无数褶皱的中空长 2 ) Filter element dust collector: the structure adopts composite filter material to lay the hollow length of countless folds radially

Cylinder, compact structure, so the filtering area of the filter element is far

Surface area larger than that is the filtering area of bag filter

倍。 30 times. ,可以捕捉0.5微米的极细尘粒,且表面光滑,不会粘附粉尘,更不会使粉尘渗透到滤材内部,实现表面过滤。 The surface of the filter element is covered with a layer of ultra-fine ultra-thin sub-micron diameter fiber-covered composite material. The dust removal efficiency is 99.9% . It can capture ultra-fine particles of 0.5 micron. Dust penetrates into the inside of the filter material to achieve surface filtration. At the same time, the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter material can easily fall off during the reverse pulse cleaning process of compressed air. The result is higher filtration efficiency, longer service life, and lower operating costs.

)清灰系统:由脉冲控制仪和脉冲阀组成,根据设备的粉尘负荷量脉冲控制仪设定适当的脉冲频率控制脉冲阀反吹清灰。 3 ) Dust removal system: It consists of a pulse controller and a pulse valve. According to the dust load of the equipment, the pulse controller sets an appropriate pulse frequency to control the pulse valve to blow back the dust.

)集尘装置:是由出尘阀、连接软管、灰桶和可直接推拉的小车组成。 4 ) Dust collection device: It consists of dust outlet valve, connecting hose, ash bucket and trolley that can be directly pushed and pulled.

When the dust storage bucket is full of dust, open the dust outlet valve,

The ash falls into the ash bucket through the connecting hose, and the ash bucket is removed by a trolley and the dust is removed.

)除尘器规格及相关参数 5 ) Dust collector specifications and related parameters

× 12芯 • Model: 2 × 12 cores

× 660mm ) • Filter specifications: Φ 324 × 660 ( mm )

个 • Filter element development area: 24m2 /

,终阻力1000~1200Pa • Running resistance: initial resistance 100 ~ 120Pa , final resistance 1000 ~ 1200Pa

• Exhaust emission concentration: < 100mg / m3

μ m的粉尘,效率在99.99以上 • Filtration efficiency: 0.5 μm dust, the efficiency is above 99.99

• Compressed air consumption required for pulse backflush: 0.5 m3 / min

• Compressed air pressure required for pulse backflush: 0.45Pa

• Pulse controller: DMK-4CS

• Solenoid pulse valve DMF -2M -25

)风机、烟囱(看厂地情况,可改为排气管引流至外部) 6 ) Fan, chimney ( depending on the situation of the factory, it can be changed to exhaust pipe to the outside )

The well-known Nantong centrifugal fan is adopted. The fan is equipped with a muffler hood, and the noise reaches the national environmental protection standard. The chimney is grounded for lightning protection.

)风机规格型号 7 ) Fan specifications

Blasting room dust removal fan:

• Motor power: 11kw

、控制系统:电控系统接触器、热继电器、集中控制的可编程控制器等主要电器元件,国内名厂生产的优质电子元器件组装而成,系统各部分设有自动连锁,做到生产安全、可靠。 6. Control system: The main electrical components such as contactors, thermal relays, centralized control programmable controllers, etc. of the electronic control system are assembled from high-quality electronic components produced by domestic famous factories. Each part of the system is equipped with automatic interlocking to achieve production. Safe and reliable. Each motor operation control circuit is equipped with corresponding low-voltage circuit breakers, thermal relays and other protection components to achieve short-circuit and overload protection of the motor. The entire electrical equipment's metal casing is all connected to zero protection. In order to ensure the sequence and safety of work, the interlocking of fans to sand blasting, the interlocking of cutting to sand blasting, and the interlocking of gates to trolleys are adopted. Control requirements:

)控制进入喷砂罐的压缩空气阀门的启闭、喷砂罐加压阀及放空阀门启闭; ( 1 ) Control the opening and closing of the compressed air valve entering the blasting tank, the opening and closing of the blasting tank pressure valve and the venting valve;

)控制喷枪的启停; ( 2 ) Control the start and stop of the spray gun;

)控制加砂装置的启停; ( 3 ) Control the start and stop of the sanding device;

)控制除尘设备的启停; ( 4 ) Control the start and stop of the dust removal equipment;

)控制照明灯的开关; ( 5 ) controlling the switch of the lighting lamp;

)控制风机起停; ( 6 ) Controlling fan start and stop;

Disadvantages of ordinary traditional sand blasting equipment :

Ordinary traditional sand blasting equipment is used to convey sand particles through auger and bucket elevator. The auger and bucket elevator are very easy to be damaged in this high dust and high wear environment. Because the auger is very low from the ground during maintenance, Usually in 200mm about. Workers have to complete a series of maintenance work in this narrow space, the work intensity is very large, and one repair may take several days, resulting in a high downtime rate. An increase in downtime means a decrease in the efficiency of the equipment.

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